About Islanders

Islanders is an Erasmus+ co-funded project dedicated to engaging young people and preserving the rich cultures of small islands while promoting environmental conservation. Through the power of storytelling, we forge intergenerational connections and strengthen community engagement. Our aim is to build a sustainable network of small islands across Europe, where diverse experiences bring the periphery to the centre.

We engage young people in the cultural heritage of island communities, fostering interpersonal and intergenerational connections. By promoting storytelling and community engagement, we revitalise traditional culture while embracing social, economic, and environmental inclusion and sustainability. Through narratives, we reflect on the past, explore identities shaped by culture and nature, and empower young voices in shaping their future lives.

Raising awareness of environmental sustainability and restoration, we celebrate the interconnectedness of nature and culture. Our project creates an ongoing forum for conversation, creativity, and the sharing of stories from young people and the living heritage of island communities.

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