Cine Kalisperitis

Cine Kalisperitis, one of the key initiatives of Kimolistes’ work on the Greek island of Kimolos, represents the bringing together of culture, environmental responsibility, and community collaboration, all values at the heart of the Islanders project. The open-air cinema, named after the first star visible at sunset, offers free screenings at special locations on the island, including beaches, squares, and the medieval castle Kastro. Based on a love for cinema and a deep-rooted connection to Kimolos, Cine Kalisperitis was founded by Fotis Marinakis. Following his relocation to the island from Athens, to live in the home of his parents, Fotis created the cinema as a communal experience that also emphasises the island’s natural beauty and ecological values. Related to the broader objectives of the Islanders project, Cine Kalisperitis exemplifies how cultural activities can facilitate community cohesion, environmental education, and the promotion of sustainable practices within island communities.

Supported by a group of local volunteers, Cine Kalisperitis has become a great success, gaining recognition for its innovative approach to sustainability and cultural development as evidenced by several prestigious awards. In 2023, it secured the 2nd place BEST CITY AWARDS (Silver Award) in the Culture & Sustainable Development category, acknowledging its role in promoting Kimolos’ landscape, volunteerism, and environmental protection.

The previous year, it was named Ambassador of Sustainable Development in Greece at the BRAVO Sustainability Dialogue & Awards, for its fusion of cinema with environmental consciousness. Further, in 2021, Cine Kalisperitis received the first place ECTN Award from the European Union, in the “Cultural and Creative Industries’ contribution to Cultural and Creative Tourism development” category, underlining its effectiveness in enhancing cultural sustainability in tourism on Kimolos Island. These awards reflect the project’s success in intertwining cultural heritage with sustainability and community engagement.

The diverse and atmospheric screening locations both showcase the island’s natural beauty and embed the screenings within the fabric of Kimolos’ landscape. The deliberate choice of these locations reflects a deep commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. By integrating the cinema into the island’s natural and historical sites, Cine Kalisperitis encourages both residents and visitors to engage more deeply with their surroundings, promoting an appreciation of the island’s heritage and the importance of preserving its environment. As Fotis says:

the scenography of the places I chose is directly connected with the idea of sustainability through the lenses of environmental protection.

Fotis Marinakis

Cine Kalisperitis adopts a democratic and interactive approach to film selection by inviting the audience to suggest movies they wish to see, supporting a sense of community ownership and participation in the cinema experience. Community engagement diversifies the films shown while strengthening the bond between the cinema and its audience.

The vision of Cine Kalisperitis extends beyond offering open-air screenings; it works to foster a culture of environmental responsibility among islanders and visitors alike. Central to this vision are Fotis’ goals for achieving zero waste and significantly reducing plastic usage on the island, aiming to preserve Kimolos’s natural beauty and ensure a sustainable future for its community:

Cultural heritage needs sustainability to stay alive and become an example for the whole community.

Fotis Marinakis

Cine Kalisperitis has created an innovative cultural experience that resonates with both locals and tourists. The founder’s dedication to sustainability and his vision for a greener, more engaged community underline the possibilities of bringing together culture and nature to enable positive change.

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