The Project

Islanders is a strategic partnership between 5 organisations across Europe, co-funded by Erasmus+ to support innovation in the field of youth. It is addressed to young people aged 15 to 25 living in island communities, working directly in Sweden, Estonia, Greece, Malta and Portugal while developing a transferable programme able to reach a wider network.

Islanders aims to empower young people to become active citizens, reflect on their stories, articulate their perspectives and the challenges and opportunities they face, and contribute their ideas to solutions and future development for their communities.

The project uses storytelling as a means to keep alive the historic cultures of small islands through intergenerational connection while promoting the conservation and restoration of delicate environments. We aim to increase understanding of the cultural frames for social and environmental sustainability while perceiving and representing the value of small island

communities in enhancing the wider European dialogue and strengthening common values.

The project aims to develop the creative, social and cultural skills of young participants while promoting sustainability at a range of levels – environmental, community, societal, and European. We will bring together youth and cultural groups from small islands across Europe and connect them with experts in narrative, heritage, and environmental activism, fostering

engagement and awareness of how communities that share stories can thrive.

This digital platform will be used to share the stories and creations of young participants in the projects, amplifying their voices and promoting their perspectives and visions for the future.

Forthcoming project results

‘Framework for youth workers on the use of storytelling, cultural heritage, and environmental restoration in island communities’

‘Innovation pathways for the use of ecoculturalism and narrative in building sustainable communities and inclusive futures for small islands’

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